Use This Website

The frontpageseo.ca website contains information that is intended to be informative and educational. However, I am not responsible for any negative results you may experience if you decide to implement any of the information on your website.

No Guarantees Of “Number One” (#1) Rankings

This includes the “Top Ten Rankings,” which can be used for any keywords or phrases.

Although my goal is to rank you well, a competitive search term might need to be changed into broader search terms. It doesn’t matter who you hire if you insist on ranking for “Real Estate Agents Canada,” for instance, it will take lots of time and money.

Ranking results for search engines can also be affected by location. Searches for services in Canada vs the U.S., for instance, on mobile devices, will yield different results than those done on desktop computers.

No Spammy SEO

Front Page SEO does not use black hat SEO techniques, and we always do our best to follow Google’s guidelines. However, sometimes we outsource certain aspects of your internet marketing campaigns to keep prices reasonable and maximize our time efficiency. Also, Google’s guidelines, algorithm and policies are constantly changing, and we cannot guarantee that we will not fall into that category at times. The very nature of SEO is to manipulate the algorithm in your favour. Any SEO company that says otherwise is lying to you or is wasting your time and money.


I Will Need A Retainer

Although my initial over-the-phone or email consultation is free, I will need to be compensated for my time for in-person meetings. This shouldn’t be an issue if you’re serious about your project.

You Can Keep Your Spot for 7 Days

I accept projects when offered and turn down others if I am too busy. If I don’t receive updates on my status or schedule, I reserve the right to declare the project stagnant.’ This happens after seven days. Please let me know if you will be busy for more than a few days so that we can continue when you return.

All payments made to me are up-front and non-refundable

My work is done in good faith. You will be informed in advance of the strategy I use. Sometimes, excellent results can be the result of trial and error. They are part of the overall process.

I reserve the right to bill you for all of my time

Although I don’t usually bill clients for phone calls or emails, I might need to do so if I feel the time they spend can affect how much time I have to devote to actual work.

If this is true, I’ll let you know.

SEO Success can fade over time

SEO is an ongoing process, as you’ve probably heard before.

You will lose ground over time in search engine rankings if you stop working on it.

Contracts are not something I bother with, but you need to understand that stopping the SEO process will often result in fewer benefits for you in the future. I cannot be held responsible for these losses.

You Cannot Interfere With My Process.

This is very important and means that I cannot, knowingly or otherwise, delay or make any changes without my prior consent.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Add, remove, rename or modify any files, folders or web pages related to your website.

Any changes to a web page I have worked on or considered optimized by me.

I am creating hyperlinks to other websites and directories.

These changes are your responsibility and will be at your expense.

It takes longer for search engines to index new websites

It may take several months for consistent search results to appear if your domain name or website is unique. There is no way to speed things up. You have to be patient.

You won’t see any results until I work on it while you wait.


Backlinks are when other websites link to your site. Google considers quality backlinks to be virtual references. Search engine rankings are closely related.
Your industry and level may require me to engage in backlink acquisition campaigns (on your behalf). Top rankings may not be possible without this.

Rankings are Not Immediate

My work must be indexed and ranked in search engines.

Technically, it is unreasonable to expect a page optimized on Tuesday to rank higher by Saturday.

“Local Search” Is Different Than “Organic Search”

You won’t be able to beat websites with physical addresses if you don’t have one.

Local SEO results are based on proximity. Simply stating that you are located is not the same as demonstrating it by a physical address.

The organic search results may be the best option if you want to rank in places you aren’t physically located.

I report to ONE person.

To keep things simple, I can only answer and report to one person within a company. This includes telephone calls, email and any other means of communication.

Third Parties Might Impeach My Progress

I work alone most of the time and make website changes directly.

I won’t be able to participate in the project if you have a web designer or any other person who insists on making changes for me.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions or require clarification on any of these points, I would be happy to answer them: 250 713 4597