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Front Page SEO & Website Design Understands that most start-ups and family-run businesses tend to have smaller budgets that they can afford to set aside to build a new website from scratch. That’s where our web designers come in. We will work with you to curate a plan that works within your budget. Additionally, our primary focus will be on the key areas in your website that fall behind the competition. With our monthly SEO & Marketing plans we can thin out the cost of your website so you can avoid hefty upfront fees while seeing a steady progression in customers and sales! Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Why Choose Front Page SEO & Website Design?

The main advantage you will gain by choosing Front Page SEO is our wealth of knowledge in internet marketing. When we build websites we start with SEO in mind giving your business and website the leg up it needs to compete in an ever-increasingly competitive digital landscape. Why is this important, you may ask? Most web designers focus on user experience first and exposure second. However, with Front Page SEO we understand this flawed methodology is entirely backwards. Who cares if your friends and family love the website? What good is it to you if your potential clients and customers never find it in the first place? 


That’s not to say we don’t build beautiful websites… We definitely do! This means our first goal is building a functional, straightforward website that appeals to search engines, putting you at the top of the list as time passes. That’s where the refining comes in. Once people find your business and start interacting with your website, we can use the data to shape and perfect the quality of experience your visitors are subject to. This will help increase your conversion rate and drive sales and revenue through the roof!

First & Foremost We ARE Professional Web Designers.

Although the primary focus for the last seven years of our company has been SEO, rest assured we ARE professional web designers. The very nature of SEO determines you must have a solid understanding of how websites work and how search engines view your website. Furthermore, this knowledge helps us to better understand what your competitors are doing in order to gain favourable ratings in SERPs such as Google.

Some of the key elements of web design you must understand in order to build a functional and well styled website that have the potential to be #1 in search results include:

web designer nanaimo

High Quality Customer Service

Front Page SEO & Website Design takes pride in offering exceptional customer service. Our commitment is towards truly understanding and effectively responding to the distinct needs and aspirations of your business with every interaction

Creative & Unique Designs

Our team of web designers revel in the art of producing imaginative and distinctive designs. Our expertise lies in skillfully architecting a digital platform that allows your business to stand out in the vast online arena.

24/7 Customer Support

Guaranteeing seamless online functioning for your business, we at Front Page SEO provide constant customer support. We're prepared to help you navigate any concerns or technical difficulties, standing by 24/7 for your convenience and peace of mind.

Websites Created On-Time

Adhering to your schedule, Front Page SEO assures the timely completion and delivery of your tailor-made websites. This guarantees the initiation of your digital voyage aligns perfectly with your business plan and timeline.

What People Say About Us

We are not just proud but also grateful for the relationships we’ve built with our clients. As we celebrate their triumphs, we also honor their voices. Through their experiences and stories, we continue to refine our services, ensuring that we meet and exceed expectations in all our endeavors. The satisfaction of our clients and their achievements serve as a testament to our commitment and expertise in web design.

Larry SmithLarry Smith
17:58 25 Aug 23
If you're looking for top-notch website design and SEO work in Nanaimo, BC, this is the team to go with. They're friendly, professional, and respond quickly. They genuinely take pride in delivering the best for their customers.
Mark HornMark Horn
15:36 08 Aug 23
Stefan was a godsend when I was up against a tight deadline. I was without a clear vision, but he was a helpful guide, suggesting and perfecting the final product. The feedback on the website's aesthetics has been outstanding. Stefan and his team have my highest recommendation!
Rowdy PerkinsRowdy Perkins
18:48 07 Aug 23
I've had the pleasure of working with a super talented team here in Nanaimo, BC. Their creativity and approach to web design are beyond impressive. They're a must-consider if you're in the area and need internet marketing or seo.
Steve JonesSteve Jones
22:46 05 Aug 23
These folks are top-notch professionals. Their website design service is high quality yet affordable, and the post-sale service was beyond what I'd expected.
Timothy B.Timothy B.
19:37 05 Aug 23
Front Page SEO & Website Design is incredible! I've had the pleasure of partnering with Stefan Melideo on a few freelance projects, and I'm impressed by their professional approach. It's fantastic to work with a team that takes so much pride in what they do and is always open to fresh ideas.
Cole BruneauCole Bruneau
05:24 18 Feb 23
Stefan Did a great job with my website and continues to show results with my internet marketing campaign month after month. I am very satisfied with my service.
Stefan MelideoStefan Melideo
18:56 23 Aug 23
Amazingly professional website designers they do amazing work, also as an added bonus they sure know how to rank a website on search engines.
Andrew SteuartAndrew Steuart
22:17 22 Aug 23
Excellent customer service, really ready to go the extra mile to make sure your happy with the results. Thanks again!

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions...

Website Designer Nanaimo

Before you call understand we have vast experience in the web design industry. Moreover we have encountered thousands of unique questions from different individuals. However over time we have realized there seems to always be the 3 same questions that always come up eventually.

Absolutely not! However you are entitled to be as involved with the process of creating your website as much as you like. Our web designers are in a sense, writers as well. The only thing we truly need from you is a little bit of time. We have developed a fact sheet of questions we always ask our clients to better understand who they are, what they do, and what they would like their audience to know about their business.

Great question! However, do not think of a website as an expense. A website is an investment and if you make that investment with the right SEO or web design firm your ROI could be in the thousands of percentiles. Just remember in 2023 your website is the foundation of which you must build your business upon. Without exposure on the internet, know one will ever know you even existed in the first place. Ok, I know, I kind of politicked my way around that question. But your more then welcome to visit our pricing page to get a better idea.

This is one of the most important questions. The answer is complicated. It really depends of what your website is for and what topic, category or niche it falls under. For instance say you invented a really great product no one as ever heard of before, but could greatly improve regular peoples every day lives. Well my question to you is how do they even know they need it if yesterday it didn’t exist? Basically what this means is no one will look for it in google so being #1 for “fraggle stick car” or what ever it may be, is no help because no one searches for it. That doesn’t mean a website won’t help you. It means you need a different way to promote said website. That’s where Social Media Marketing comes in. Essentially raising awareness of your product by annoyingly interrupting what ever cat video or how to explainer they may be viewing on Meta or Youtube.

Front Page SEO, Founded In Nanaimo,
Serving All Of Canada

Front Page SEO was founded about seven years ago in the humble harbour city of Nanaimo. To this day, that is still where our main office resides. Starting off with a few small clients we have built vast knowledge and experience by working on local websites for local companies such as Huong Lan Vietnamese Restaurant and Mr Sparkle Exterior Cleaning. 

Working with clients in our immediate area has given us valuable insight into the inner workings of Google allowing us to understand how it views each website and displays them based on your immediate surroundings.

What this means is by being a local company, we can better understand how your web page may perform based on what neighbourhoods or sections of Nanaimo your business is located.

For instance, if you are located downtown or in the old city quarter we can cross-section what your potential clients see by moving around the city ourselves. That means when I go to Woodgrove Mall with my family, I can quickly check your rank and understand who you are competing with and know how well your business is truly ranking.

Front Page SEO is proud to be from Nanaimo. Providing our local clients with the opportunity to work with our owner mano a mano. Scheduling appointments and getting valuable Facetime to get to know each other personally. Together we can build a lasting partnership rooted in your success. Although we understand our client’s need for privacy. Therefore meeting in person is not a requirement everything can be handled over the phone or through Zoom

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