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Revolutionizing the industry through a dynamic approach, Front Page SEO merges two essential services—SEO and Web Design—into a singular, powerful strategy. As your digital consultant, we are committed to leveraging the unparalleled power of the Internet to elevate your business to new heights.

Introducing The Four Pillars To Your Website's Digital Success

4 Pillars Of Internet Marketing Success

More than 90% of Canadians initiate their online journeys using web browsers that are closely integrated with Google, marking the starting point for most searches for products or services. This is where potential clients and customers embark on their quest for what you offer. Our company delivers comprehensive online advertising campaigns designed to ensure your website ranks prominently at these critical moments. Effective search engine optimization is deeply intertwined with the quality and strategic placement of content within your web design. 

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Our agency transcends the traditional scope of optimizing search engine results pages (SERPs). We excel in the strategic use of paid advertising, turning it into a pivotal component of our comprehensive services. Through rigorous keyword research, leveraging profound market insights, and targeting specific demographics with precision, we meticulously sculpt Adwords campaigns for maximum impact. This systematic strategy aims to significantly boost your return on investment (ROI) from paid advertisements, potentially achieving gains exceeding 1000%.

In 2024, harnessing a well-crafted and SEO-optimized website is crucial, serving as the cornerstone of your business. Your website becomes a focal point where every marketing effort converges—from social media and business cards to search engines and even offline promotions. It’s all directed towards one destination: your website. A homepage that’s meticulously designed doesn’t just inform your visitors; it captivates them, providing all the necessary information to make an educated decision about your services.

Social Media

In recent years, 89% of Canadians have been active on various social media platforms, positioning Canada as one of the most digitally connected countries globally. This statistic underscores that virtually 90% of your target demographic is accessible via social media marketing efforts. Our suite of social media marketing strategies incorporates long-tail keywords, compelling graphic design, and dynamic video marketing to captivate and engage this audience. 

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SEO Marketing Is A Game Changer

Search optimization is vital for web designers, internet marketing agencies, and business owners who rely on search engines to display their products or services. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; Its only purpose is to drive traffic and sales. Our technicians achieve that goal by manipulating search engines to display your website first for specific search queries. For example, you are a roofer when someone searches for roofers near me. Wouldn’t it be nice if the #1 result was your company’s website? It all sounds straightforward. However, there is no formal training for SERP marketing. Finding the right specialist who can deliver beyond blind promises can be a struggle all on its own. When you work with us, we will provide results backed up with data and monthly reports.

What You Get With A
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We Build Businesses and brands Utilizing the Full Spectrum Of Our Internet Marketing Services. Generate More Leads through an unfair advantage.

UX/UI Design &

Being found is half of the battle. Are you confident they will stick around once a customer sees your home page? The User interface and their experience on your internet site are paramount.

CRM & Email

CRM systems & Email marketing have become staple services in the digital advertising era. Volume is critical; sending thousands of emails is cheap and can create significant revenues.

Whitehat Link

Link building is an essential part of SERP ranking. The easiest way to describe a backlink is to compare it to a vote. Suppose you have two equal webpages. The one with the most votes wins.


Content Optimization is essential for ranking high in Google. Sometimes, you only need the proper percentages when utilizing keywords, keyword variations and LSI terminology.


One of Google’s #1 policies in terms of keyword rank is their mobile first policy. This policy means Google views each page through a mobile (iPhone) lens before viewing it through a computer. Put, no mobile = no go zone for Google.

Advanced Search

Through years in the industry, our experts have access to data from millions of websites. Using this data, we collect insight into how Google views and ranks entities across billions of search queries.

We Are A Family Run Business on Vancouver Island

Who We Are
And How We Started

Stefan Melideo founded Front Page SEO in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Under the mentorship of my father-in-law, Charles Burden, of Burden Marketing, we have successfully generated millions of dollars of revenue for our clients. “In 2017, with the encouragement of Charles, I decided to start my own company. We continue to build multi-million dollar companies for our clients through a collaborative effort, harnessing advanced technology, market insight and AI machine learning.

We are family-owned and operated. However, we have a whole team of independent contractors at our disposal, ensuring you have everything you need when needed.”
– Stefan Melideo


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Our Premium Start-Up Package. Our 4 Month Business Success Pathway.

Our SEO and Business Starter Package is a meticulously designed, guaranteed path to success, boasting a remarkable 100% success rate to date. This powerful combination unfolds over a four-month timeline, where we either build a new website from the ground up or completely overhaul your existing one. Following the rebuild, we dive into premium content creation for on-site optimization and launch a professional, industry-standard off-site SEO campaign. Additionally, we optimize and set up a local Google My Business (GMB) profile, employing a dual approach to target both local and regional customers. This comprehensive process is designed to establish an ethical and organic ranking in search engines over four months, ensuring long-term success.

Big Savings For The Brave, Hard Working and Committed Entrepreneur.

Individually, these services would total $4,000 if paid for separately each month. However, recognizing the value of a unified strategy for business success, we offer a $500 discount to those who choose to invest in all three services together. This collaborative effort not only maximizes your online presence but also sets a solid foundation for your business’s growth and visibility online.

Ten Page Website

A Must Have For Startup Companies In 2024
$ 1500
  • Content Optimization
  • Graphic Design
  • 2 - 4 Week Complettion
  • 1 YR Hosting
  • Free Domain Registration

3 Month SEO Campaign

Medium Competition Local Organic & GMB
$ 2250
  • Organic SEO
  • 5 Keywords (local)
  • Across Province Ranking
  • Monthly Reports
  • 24/7 Support

GMB Registration

Customer Review Out Reach & Optimization
$ 250
  • GMB Optimization
  • Customer Engagement
  • Increase CTR
  • GEO Targeting
  • Service Setup

Choose A WordPress Template

Below, you can choose a WordPress template for yourself, allowing you to choose the exact layout you want before buying. These templates are fully customizable to fit your specific branding requirements. When we are finished your project, it will look entirely different, having hallowed out the template and utilizing its function and structure to create a unique entity for your business. The templates we use are from ThemeForest or Envato Elements. Front Page SEO only uses templates for small businesses with a budget cap. Our highly skilled team members will gladly assist you if you wish to have a unique and custom design.

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Our internet advertising and search engine optimization strategies will produce a very high placement in Google and Bings SERP. With 100% of our clients ranking on Google’s first page for their highest volume keywords, we can guarantee the results you are looking for. Our promotion techniques incorporate fundamental services such as on-page optimization, web design, social media marketing, internet marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. Moreover, we keep you up-to-date by tracking search placement daily, allowing us to provide updates upon request.

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