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Over 90% of Canadians use web browsers that are directly affiliated and integrated with Google. This is where your prospected clients & and customers begin their search for a product or specific service provider. Our company will provide a full-service online advertising campaign, ensuring your website is found first when the time comes. Also, keep in mind that search engine optimization is highly integrated with web design.

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Our optimization agency provides more services beyond SERP (search engine results page) manipulation. Additionally, one such service is through paid advertising. We maximize Adwords campaigns by weaponizing keyword research, market knowledge and targeting specific demographics. This ensures your ROI (return on investment) with paid advertisements can reach over %1000.


In 2023, a Properly developed and optimized website can become the very foundation of your business. Every aspect of internet marketing falls into a virtual singularity: YOUR WEBSITE. Everything from social media, business cards, and search engines to physical advertisements. They all point to one place: YOUR WEBPAGE. A well-designed homepage gives your readers everything they need to know to make a properly informed decision. Great web design ensures a decision ends with money in your pocket.


89% of all Canadians used some form of social media in 2022, making Canada one of the most connected populations in the world. That means that 90% of your target audience can be engaged through social media marketing campaigns. Some of our essential social media marketing tools include long-tail keywords, graphic design and video marketing. Combined, these tools can build brand recognition and trust, resulting in higher revenue and notoriety.

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Search optimization is vital for web designers, internet marketing agencies and any business owner relying on search engines to display their products or services. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; Its only purpose is to drive traffic and sales. Our technicians achieve that goal by manipulating search engines to display your website first for specific search queries. For example, you are a roofer when someone searches for roofers near me. Wouldn't it be nice if the #1 result was your company's website? It all sounds straightforward. However, there is no formal training for SERP marketing. Finding the right specialist who can deliver beyond blind promises can be a struggle all on its own. When you work with us we will provide results backed up with data and monthly reports.

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We Build Businesses & Brands Utilizing the Full Spectrum Of Our Internet Marketing Services. Generate More Leads, Through An Unfair Advantage.


Being found is half of the battle. Are you confident they will stick around once a customer finds your website? User experience is paramount.


Email marketing has become a staple service in the digital advertising era. Volume is critical; sending thousands of emails is cheap and can create significant revenues.


Link building is an essential part of SERP ranking. The easiest way to describe a backlink is to compare it to a vote. Suppose you have two equal websites. The one with the most votes wins.


Content Optimization is essential for ranking high in Google. Sometimes, you only need the proper percentages when utilizing keywords, keyword variations and LSI terminology.


One of Google's #1 policies in terms of keyword rank is their mobile first policy. This policy means Google views your website through a mobile (iPhone) lens before viewing it through a computer. Put, no mobile = no go zone for Google.


Through years in the industry, our experts have access to data spanning across millions of websites. Using this data, we collect insight into how Google views and ranks websites across billions of search queries.

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Stefan Melideo founded Front Page SEO in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Under the mentorship of my father-in-law Charles Burden, of Burden Marketing, we have successfully generated millions of dollars of revenue for our clients.

"In 2017, with the encouragement of Charles, I decided to start my own company. We continue to build multi-million dollar companies for our clients through a collaborative effort, harnessing advanced technology, market insight and AI machine learning. We are family-owned & operated. However, we have a whole team of independent contractors at our disposal, ensuring you have everything you need when needed."
- Stefan Melideo


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Our digital promotion agency is different from your average website management company. We are experts in our field, providing results-driven services and efficient paid search campaigns in an ever-changing search algorithm. Leveraging the insights from various clients and industries, we have honed our skills in the multiple disciplines of our field. This includes but is not limited to Keyword Research, Website Audits, Strategic Analytics, and On-page optimization as well as off-page link building. We strive to generate organic search results for our clients that will funnel traffic to their websites, skyrocketing their revenues while compounding their ROI.


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Perfect package for start up companies with low competition, in a local setting.


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The advanced package is a great choice for those who are looking to rank locally and still have a fair bit of competition.


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Our premium package is a great option for those who have a high degree of competition locally, or need to rank across their entire province.

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Our internet advertising and search engine optimization strategies will produce a very high placement in Google and Bings SERP. With 100% of our clients ranking on Google's first page for their highest volume keywords, we can guarantee the results you are looking for. Our promotion techniques incorporate fundamental services such as website optimization, web design, social media marketing, internet marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. Moreover, we keep you up-to-date by tracking search placement daily, giving us the ability to provide updates upon request.

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