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Front Page SEO is a Design Agency that provides conversion-focused internet marketing and website design solutions. Allow our master coders and professional designers to transform your online assets into revenue-driven examples of ultimate artistry. Partner with us and become a frontrunner in your industry on Google and Bing.

We Work With our customers Bring their Ideas to life

The content creators at our graphic design studio are fearless and revel at the chance to take on a new challenge and create a unique style that fulfills all of your hopes and aspirations.

Teamwork is at the core of our business culture and is a welcomed strategy among our employees. Furthermore, we are prepared to work closely with you to bring your visions to life, increase revenues and online exposure for years to come.


You can choose from hundreds of professional pre-made page templates using the Shopify theme store. Furthermore, these masterful Shopify templates are often built by world-renowned experts.


The strength of your user experience can make or break your customer retention record. Our award-winning specialists have refined the perfect user interfaces through trial and error.


Elementor is the most preferred CMS platform for many professionals worldwide. It provides complete control while maximizing the full potential of WordPress.


Although the Wix platform does not offer as much customization as WordPress or Elementor, it is a solid hosting platform. Lightning and secure, Wix will provide a fantastic base from which to build.

join our Digital Agency, take advantage of our experience.

Our passionate team of highly skilled technicians brings years of experience.

 We live, breathe, eat and sleep artistic development. Our performance-based digital advertising services are provided in-house and unified to exceed your expectations and company requirements.

Our Digitized Creations Promote your Brand in a truly impactful way.

Our graphic design studio has a straightforward mission statement. 

We aim to create a competitive presence online through masterful app development and effective brand promotion that drives long-term growth. One method we use is maximizing your visitors’ experience, creating measurable growth and impact for our customers’ revenue streams.

Custom websites

Our strategy is centered around user experience. We deploy the best-in-class, industry-standard techniques, ensuring a high conversion rate, superior artistry, and fantastic functionality.

WordPress Sites

Using fully customizable WordPress templates and themes, we will control the most popular content management system. This will allow us to manage your digital marketing campaign at an affordable rate, saving us time and money.

Distinctive Developments

A platform that is custom-built and perfectly matches your branding guidelines. Through experience and skill, our agency has a powerful solution and strategy to any design requirement you may have for your app or website.

Graphic Design

Strengthen your online presence and business with custom-made logos, infographics, brochures and business cards. Our graphic design productions are essential to drive user engagement across all platforms while producing custom-made infographics and logos unique to your company's message.

Brand Recognition

Delivering consistent results for our clients allows us to confidently state the following. Combined with our graphic imagery your new digital creation will turn heads and help you rise above your competitors.

eCommerce Design

Whether it be through WordPress or Shopify, we are proficient in every open-source platform. With our eCommerce website development, we can support all businesses, big or small, and increase growth through sales to their online retail store.

Creating Business Solutions Online, Through AI and CRM Software.

Our team is highly proficient; we build custom apps that will solve all your headaches and address your most significant concerns and requirements. 

We are fully aware that all our clients have unique issues that must be addressed. In addition, our professional workforce provides solutions for all of your needs. We can streamline specific user engagements through automation with powerful CRM tools, saving you time and money. By utilizing the advancement of 21st-century AI, we provide customized solutions to propel your digital footprint and increase legitimacy among your peers.

professional Website Design Curated to Match Your Business & Services.

Working with companies across a full spectrum of industries has given us the experience needed to handcraft custom platforms that speak to each of our client’s unique needs and specific brands. Moreover, we accomplish this without sacrificing important performance targets for your business in Nanaimo.


  • SaaS Companies
  • Manufacturing
  • Tech Companies
  • Startups


  • Fitness & Health
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Live Entertainment
  • Cannabis Stores


  • Lawyers
  • Accounting
  • Financial Institutions
  • Consultants


  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Education
  • Lifestyle & Vacations

Local Trades

  • Auto Mechanics
  • Carpenters
  • Roofers
  • Landscapers

Non Profit

  • Charities
  • Foundations
  • Youth Services
  • Sports & Activities

Search Engine Optimization with guaranteed results.

As stated in the name, one of the main pillars of our company is Search Engine Optimization.

This is usually the last stage of your design adventure. With a dedicated specialist, the sky is the limit. Without search optimization, the gorgeous site we created for you will go unseen. Harnessing the power of advanced technology, continually auditing your performance and competitor activity and adhering to Google’s best practices. We propel your company, displaying your brand in Google’s top ten positions for your specific search queries.

Testimonials From Our Clients In Nanaimo.

A Few Completed Marketing Projects.

Kamikaze sushi web design project for restaurant in woodgrove mall

Kamikaze Sushi

Kamikaze Sushi in Woodgrove Mall offers a commitment to delicious, healthy, and sustainable food, using high-quality ingredients and traditional Japanese cooking techniques for a fresh and tasty dining experience.

Discovery Expeditions

OrcasSeaKayaking.com is a kayaking tour guide company offering multi-day trips out of Port McNeill in the Telegraph Cove area. The company is operated by Larry Roy, who is based near Long Lake. Furthermore, We built this asset using Wix.

Mr Sparkle

After about six months, mrsparkle.net (located near Terminal Park Mall) ranked in the top 3 in Google Maps and the top 3 in the organic search for 9 of their top keywords. After three years of partnership, we parted ways, and in the last six months, this company has slowly lost rank but remains in the top ten.

Our Frequently Asked Questions.

What does a web designer do?

They specialize in creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites.

They combine technical skills with artistic ability to craft websites that meet both the client’s needs and the expectations of the end-users. From selecting colour schemes and graphics to integrating multimedia and optimizing the site’s layout for various devices, a web designer ensures a website is functional and attractive. In addition, they focus on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), ensuring that visitors can easily navigate and interact with the site.

Static Design: This type involves creating websites with a fixed structure, where each page displays the same information to every visitor. It’s best suited for sites that require minimal updates and interaction.

Dynamic Design: A dynamic design is more interactive and displays different information from the same source code. It often uses server-side scripting to generate changing content, allowing for a more personalized user experience.

Responsive Design: This approach ensures that a website’s layout and content adjust seamlessly to fit the screen size and resolution of any device, providing an optimal viewing experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Responsive functionality is now a standard practice among web developers to accommodate the increasing usage of mobile devices.

Learning web development involves mastering design principles and the technical aspects of building a website. Please start with the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as they are the building blocks of creating digital assets. Experiment with software like Adobe Photoshop and Sketch to grasp visual principles. Online resources, tutorials, and courses are plentiful and can provide structured learning paths. Additionally, engaging in community forums, attending workshops, and practicing by building your projects are invaluable ways to gain experience and feedback. In 2024, the quickest way to learn this skill is by becoming proficient in the most popular CMS platforms.

Creating a website involves several critical steps, from defining your site’s purpose and choosing a colour scheme to sketching a layout and building the site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While it’s entirely possible to take on this task yourself, it’s essential to consider the time and effort required. For many business owners, the time invested in learning and developing a website could be better spent on tasks directly related to improving and managing their business. When you factor in the time spent on the design—which could be weeks or even months—and compare it to your potential earnings during the same period, hiring professionals like us becomes a practical choice and an economically wise one.

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