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More Canadian Website Design Services We Offer

Website Transfer

Website Transfer $500

Relocating a website can present a multifaceted challenge. However, with an experienced team at your service, the process is smoothly managed, from data migration to database configuration and DNS adjustments. This comprehensive approach to website transfer ensures a seamless transition without data loss or operational impact, providing an easy and worry-free experience.

Website Automation - $250

Efficiency is key in website management, and our automation services echo that. Transforming recurring tasks into automated functions, we save time and effort on routine activities such as content updates, form submissions, and email responses. This not only lets you concentrate more on your primary business operations but also significantly enriches the user experience on your website.

Domain Name Research For Your Website

Domain Name Research $75

The first impression of your website is its domain name, and landing on the right one matters immensely. With our Domain Name Research service, we facilitate the process of finding a domain that is synonymous with your brand, memorable, and holds SEO worth. We carry out comprehensive research, provide suggestions, and assist in registering an ideal domain that connects with your target audience and strategically places you in the digital domain.

Premium Template Installation $$99

Elevate your website’s appeal with our Premium Template Installation service. We proffer an extensive selection of professionally crafted, responsive templates that can be tailored to mirror your brand. Our squad will seamlessly install and configure your selected template, harmonizing it with your brand’s visual ethos and functional prerequisites, delivering a website that strikes the right balance between aesthetic charm and practicality.

Website Speed Boost - $400

In our fast-paced digital era, experience is crucial. Our Website Speed Boost service is dedicated to boosting your site’s load speed, directly influencing user experience and search engine ranking. Leveraging techniques such as image optimization, script minification, browser caching, and server response time reduction, we utilize many strategies to guarantee your website functions quickly and fluidly.

Website Security Check & Correction $250 - $500

Ensuring your website’s resilience against potential threats is our main focus. Our Website Security Check and Correction service includes an exhaustive security review to detect and rectify any vulnerabilities. We establish robust security practices, such as SSL installation, software updates, and firewall configurations, ensuring your website works in a secure digital environment, and your valuable data remains safeguarded.

Monthly SEO Services

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Single Use SEO Services

SEO Content Optimization Canada

Content Optimization $250

The stand-alone Content Optimization service is a cornerstone of our SEO solutions in Canada. Recognizing the crucial role of content in SEO, we thoroughly research high-impact keywords for your business and skillfully integrate them into your content. We ensure a perfect balance between keyword density and readability, avoiding keyword stuffing while maintaining high-quality content. The outcome is engaging, keyword-optimized content that resonates with your audience and gains visibility in the Canadian digital market.

Press Release Services

Press Releases $200 - $2500

Our Press Release service is distinguished by our extensive SEO package in Canada. This service involves creating engaging press releases highlighting your brand’s newest milestones and connecting with your target market. Yet, we don’t stop there. We diligently distribute your press release to noteworthy media outlets throughout Canada, expanding its exposure and impact. This integrated method enhances your brand’s prominence and reinforces your trustworthiness and SEO tactics, paving the way for your brand’s accomplishment in the dynamic Canadian digital scene.

seo Canada Audit Service

Website Audit $99

Our SEO Website Audit, valued at a mere $99, is an essential service tailored for firms eager to maximize their digital presence. This audit covers a complete examination of your site’s SEO aspects, including site structure, backlink profile, and content quality. Our experts in Canada scrutinize every facet of your site, identifying key areas and revealing possible challenges to your search engine performance. After the audit, we offer a detailed report with practical solutions, presenting a clear pathway to elevate your SEO effectiveness. This budget-friendly service provides deep understanding and actionable tactics to significantly boost your standing in the Canadian digital landscape.

PPC Ad Campaigns

Ad Campaign Setup $200

Delivering immediate, visible improvements in online visibility, the PPC Ad Campaign Setup service is an essential tool for businesses. Known for its effectiveness, Pay-Per-Click advertising can position your brand directly in front of prospective customers. A profound understanding of your goals and target audiences helps design a tailored PPC campaign that leverages the most relevant keywords and engaging ad content. Strategic bid management further enhances ROI. With a focus on setup intricacies, your ads are ensured to appear at the right time in the most suitable locations, thereby increasing traffic and conversion rates in the Canadian digital landscape.

SEO Plans & Strategy

SEO Planning / Strategizing $500

Providing a detailed roadmap to enhance your website’s prominence in search engine results. This Strategic SEO Blueprint service pays attention to the nitty-gritty of your site to identify crucial SEO elements for optimization. An extensive report highlights indispensable measures for your website to climb the ranks and provides custom-tailored recommendations. The report covers everything vital to boost your online presence, from on-site optimization, and link-building techniques, to content creation and technical SEO. Acting as a guiding compass, this SEO blueprint ensures every move aligns with the objectives of your business in the fiercely competitive digital sphere of Canada.

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Offsite Promotion $100 - $500

Boosting website authority and visibility is at the core of the External SEO Enhancement service, a strategy operating beyond the borders of your website. It involves securing high-value backlinks, engaging on social media, contributing guest posts, and leveraging influencer partnerships. The aim is to heighten your website’s standing and relevance for search engines. A high-quality “vote” or reference from another site can significantly improve your website’s ranking. A dedicated team creates and applies tailored external SEO strategies, amplifying your digital visibility and credibility within Canada’s dynamic digital marketplace.

Social Media Marketing

Every social media marketing campaign is different if we do not cover your needs in our packages please call for a customized plan 1 250 713 4597

Single Social Media Account



Three Social Media Accounts



3 Social Media Accounts Daily Posts



Single Use Social Media Promotion

Search Engine Optimization Services Nanaimo

Social Media Marketing Campaign Setup - $250

Unleashing the potential of social media marketing involves more than simply posting content. It requires creating targeted advertising campaigns tailored to meet a brand’s needs. This service’s heart lies in in-depth demographic research to identify audiences likely to engage with your brand. From there, proficiency in social media advertising comes into play, constructing ad campaigns marked by compelling content and strategic targeting. The goal is optimizing ads for maximum conversion, which, in turn, increases your return on investment. Ensuring your social media ads reach the right people at the right time is crucial to driving brand awareness, engagement, and sales.

Info Graphic Animated Video Ad, $250 - $1000

In the era of video marketing, our InfoGraphic Animated Video Ad service provides a distinctive and captivating means to garner your audience’s interest. Employing top-tier graphic design utilities, we craft bespoke animated videos that encapsulate your brand’s message in an appealing, unforgettable manner. From succinct 15-second teasers to elaborate 2-minute explainer videos, the focus is to produce content that embodies your brand’s essence and communicates its value proposition effectively. The outcome is an engaging visual narrative tailored specifically for your brand, which enhances engagement, bolsters brand recall, and eventually fuels conversion. 

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Increase Followers - Contact For Price

Expanding upon our suite of offerings, the Increase Followers service focuses on escalating your brand’s social media reach. We formulate a tailored outreach initiative to interact with pertinent users across various social platforms. This interaction kindles curiosity in your brand, inspiring them to follow your pages. This strategy is based on the premise that a surge in followers equates to an expanded audience for your brand narratives and, as a result, amplified conversion opportunities. With a strategic and achievable approach to growing your digital community in the Canadian market, we make your brand’s online expansion practical and efficient.

Social Media Manager Canada

Increase Views - Call For Price

Fostering enhanced engagement, our Viewership Increase service zeroes in on amplifying the visibility of your social media content. We propel their reach to a more extensive audience through meticulous optimization of your videos and posts before publishing. For this service to be effective, your content is entrusted to us before posting. We then apply tried-and-true optimization methodologies to multiply views, elevating the likelihood of your brand message resonating with the appropriate audience in Canada’s lively social media domain. Rely on us to publish and strategically optimize your content for substantial visibility.

Social Media Marketing Canada

Social Media Post Automation - $500

Presenting the innovative Social Media Post Automation service that breathes a steady rhythm of fresh and distinctive content into your brand’s social media platforms. By leveraging advanced automation tools for scheduling posts, we guarantee a constant online presence that strikes a chord with your audience. Furthermore, we enhance your content with exclusive AI-generated visuals, adding a touch of modern innovation to your posts. This blend of automation and creativity ensures your brand sustains a lively and captivating social media presence, intriguing your audience and boosting engagement across Canada’s varied social media environment.

Social Media Specialists

Sync Social Media Posts - $500

Navigating towards another inventive service, we aim to magnify your social media undertakings on your website. We implement a setup that autonomously fetches and uploads any content you post on your social media platforms directly to your WordPress website. This synchronization ensures your website content is constantly updated and accurately mirrors your social media narrative. Integrating your online presence across different platforms creates a harmonious, consistent brand image, bolstering your reach and engagement. Please note this service is presently exclusive to WordPress websites. Exploit the full power of your online presence with our interconnected social media and website services.


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