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Our SEO Record Speaks For Itself

At Front Page SEO, we pride ourselves on a proven track record of success in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The examples displayed below are merely a glimpse into our extensive history of elevating clients’ online visibility and driving tangible results. These case studies represent a diverse range of industries and challenges, each met with tailored strategies and innovative solutions that speak to our expertise. For more in-depth information and to understand the full scope of our accomplishments in each case, we invite you to reach out to us to learn the specific details. Authenticity and transparency are the cornerstones of our service. Please contact us at [email protected] for detailed insights and discussions on how we can replicate similar success for your business.

3 Month SEO Package Results - Search Console

Criminal Lawyer

In just 28 days, our strategic SEO approach, combined with content updates and a premium backlinking campaign, remarkably restored the ranking of a previously underperforming website. This targeted intervention not only reclaimed lost visibility but also achieved a significant milestone by doubling the website's click-through rates. Additionally, our efforts more than doubled the search impressions, marking a substantial increase in online presence and user engagement.

6 Months Of SEO Case Studie and Search Console update

Senior Care

For a senior care company located in a highly competitive industry within Victoria, our tailored SEO strategy yielded remarkable results after a 3 month campaign. By securing top 3 positions on Google for 11 of their high-volume keywords, we significantly enhanced the company's online visibility. This strategic positioning led to a 65% increase in search impressions and a notable 43% rise in click-through rates, demonstrating a substantial impact on their digital presence and customer engagement.

Roofing Case Study All Pro Inc


For a roofing company in Parksville, north of Nanaimo, our SEO expertise demonstrated lasting impact. As returning clients who invested in just one month of our SEO services, they experienced sustained improvement in their Google rankings over the subsequent three months. This ongoing enhancement in their online positioning resulted in a significant gain of 57% more clicks, coupled with an impressive 254% increase in search impressions, showcasing the enduring effectiveness of our SEO strategies.

Sarongs Case Study 6 Month Comparison Search Console Results, our pilot project in affiliate marketing, was an initiative to test the waters of generating passive income. This venture began with a domain we acquired from a former client who was in the sarong business but no longer needed the website. We employed an innovative automated strategy, integrating a WordPress plugin to add Amazon products automatically. over six months, we saw a 31% increase in clicks and a 75% surge in search impressions. Impressively, this website now consistently generates around $750 per month in revenue, demonstrating the success and financial viability of our automated affiliate marketing model. 1 Month Of SEO and PPC Marketing

Employment Law

We smoothly rectified the problem for an employment law firm in Nanaimo after their previous SEO company's failed attempt to transfer their WordPress website to a new host. This misstep had led to severe domain issues, causing the website to go down and forcing the owner to use a temporary URL. Our effective intervention corrected these issues and successfully salvaged the original domain. Within just 28 days of our resolution, not only did the website show significant improvements in performance and stability, but we also managed to regain the firm's lost positions in Google rankings, reaffirming our expertise in swiftly addressing and resolving complex digital and SEO challenges.

Tour Guide Company

Our final case study presents a unique scenario involving a client who initially had their website's content managed by a web design partner. Despite our SEO specialists' best efforts to enhance online exposure, progress was hindered due to limited control over the website's content. However, the turning point came when we successfully convinced the website owner to entrust us with both web design and content management. This change in strategy led to remarkable results: within just 7 days of taking over, we were able to double the website's clicks and increase its search impressions by over 50%, showcasing the significant impact of integrated web design and SEO management.

Web Design Portfolio

Just a Few Of Our Recent web design Projects Each under $1000

Below, you will find a selection of our recently completed websites, each meticulously crafted for under $1000. We take pride in delivering quality and affordability in our web designs. These websites are presented in interactive windows, enabling you to view and engage with them in real time. Click on the links to explore the layout, features, and the seamless user experience each site offers. This hands-on approach allows you to witness firsthand the functionality and aesthetic appeal we bring to every project, ensuring that quality web design is accessible to all.

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