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TechWave – AI HTML Dashboard for Image Generation & Chat Bot


It is a HTML Template, not a WordPress theme!!!

If you want to use AI chat bot and AI image generation with this template you have to integrate them into this template by converting it to some framework/wordpress or integrate it into this template if these services are compatible with HTML template. For this you have to hire a freelancer. We are not doing this service

React version is available!


Laravel version is available!


TechWave – AI HTML Admin Template for Image Generation & Chat Bot

TechWave is a dynamic HTML dashboard template that leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance image generation and chat bot functionalities. Designed as a versatile solution, TechWave empowers users to integrate AI chat bots or AI image generation platforms into their existing systems.

HTML project, but the dynamism rolls over

Like and Follow: TechWave incorporates a user-friendly like and follow system, allowing users to engage with content and follow their favorite creators or topics within the platform.

Image Lightbox: With the image lightbox feature, users can view images in a larger, more immersive format, providing a better viewing experience.

Light/Dark Mode: TechWave offers both light and dark mode options, allowing users to customize the dashboard’s appearance according to their preferences. Moreover, TechWave includes a feature that remembers the user’s choice for subsequent visits to maintain consistency across multiple pages.

Search Bar: The inclusion of a search bar enables users to quickly find specific content or navigate through the platform efficiently.

Custom Uploader Image: TechWave provides a custom uploader feature, enabling users to change their profile or background images with ease. This feature enhances personalization options within the platform.

Report Image: To ensure a safe and respectful environment, TechWave incorporates a report image feature. Users can report inappropriate or offensive content, contributing to a better user experience for everyone.

And more…

Full Features

  • Fully Responsive HTML5
  • Online Documentation
  • CSS3 Animations
  • SEO optimized
  • Mobile Navigations
  • Fully Responsive to all devices
  • Developer Friendly Coding
  • Very Well Documented
  • Free Updates

Editing Template

In order to edit the file, you need to have Code Writer program installed on your system. Just open files in code writer and edit them.


  • Images – free images: https://pixabay.com/ . Images are not included.
  • Fonts: “Heebo” and “Work Sans” free google fonts
  • Free Font Based Icons by Fontello.com

Included Pages

  • Chat Page – ai-chat-bot.html
  • Changelog Page – changelog.html
  • Community Feed Page – community-feed.html
  • Contact Page – contact.html
  • Documentation Page – documentation.html
  • FAQ Page – faq.html
  • Image Generation Page – image-generation.html
  • Home Page – index.html
  • Home #2 Page – index-2.html
  • Home Light Page – index-light.html
  • Models Page – models.html
  • Notifications Page – notifications.html
  • Single Notification Page – notification-single.html
  • Personal Feed Page – personal-feed.html
  • Pricing Page – pricing.html
  • Privacy Policy Page – privacy.html
  • Sign In Page – sign-in.html
  • Sign Up Page – sign-up.html
  • Terms & Conditions Page – terms.html
  • User Billing Page – user-billing.html
  • User Profile Page – user-profile.html
  • User Settings Page – user-settings.html

Change Log

Version 1.0 – June 21, 2023



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